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Frequently Asked Questions

does my toddler have to wear a mask?

As of 3/18/22 Room to Bloom is no longer requiring masks for children or adults.

how do you calculate your capacity? 

We follow all state and city guidelines, which include the count of all children & adults and are subject to change as COVID levels rise or fall. Per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as of May 29, 2021 there are no longer reduced capacity restrictions mandated by the state.  

Room to Bloom's capacity is 46 people.

what product do you use to clean? 

We consider cleaning and disinfecting to be the most important port of our job.

We sanitize and disinfect every loose toy after each play session with our BRU-TAB disinfectant, as well as spray all surfaces like cafe tables/chairs, play structures, rock wall, train table, piklar triange, door handles/doorways, etc). We have a second set of toys that we rotate in when the first set is drying. 

We follow all CDC cleaning guidelines.

What covid policies does your staff follow?

  1. Staff agrees not to work if anyone in their household has COVID symptoms, has tested positive in the last 10 days, or is currently in quarantine due to possible exposure and will give as much notice as possible that they are unable to work their shift. We will do our best to find a replacement staff member but occasionally we have not been able to secure a replacement due to the last minute nature of symptoms. We reserve the right to cancel our play session if we can't find a replacement staff member to work. We apologize for any disappointment if this happens. 

  2. Staff will follow all CDC cleaning guidelines


We removed toys that could not be soaked daily to disinfect (dolls, puppets, dress-up) or that had many small pieces to clean (lego duplos) and replaced with gross motor toys like our new Pikler triangle and FORT magnetic cushions. We hope to bring these pretend play and building toys back to our space when it's safe to do so! 

Our art room was transformed into a retail store, filled with educational toys, games & books to promote purposeful play at home

Click below to learn what to expect during your visit (like handwashing upon arrival!), the changes we made while we were closed, our cleaning & disinfecting policy, staff procedures, and FAQs on Massachusetts mask requirements.

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Changes We Made While Closed in the of Spring 2020

To Keep Your Family Safer at Room to Bloom

Bathrooms​ - reduced the number of surfaces necessary to touch

  • Providing disposable liners & disinfectant wipes for changing table

  • Touch-free paper towel dispensers

  • Replaced soap dispensers with touch-free

  • Replaced light switches with motion sensors for lights to turn on/off touch-free

  • Replaced door stoppers with step release door stopper for touch-free ease

  • Removed trash can lids to make throwing away items easier and touch-free

  • Removed bouncer for placing child in while parent uses the restroom -- if your child is too little to stand and wait with you please plan accordingly with a carseat or stroller to put them in 

  • Fresh paint in both bathrooms

Air Circulation 

  • Fan running during open hours to promote additional air circulation in addition to A/C & Heat settings

  • Back door to hallway will be left open to keep air circulating

  • Front door to be left open upon request (you know best if you have a runner in your group!)

  • Signs on bathroom doors requesting them to be left open when not in use, in order to keep air circulating

NEW gross motor play 

  • Pikler Triangle, Ramp, and Arch added to our space.

  • Promotes climbing, independence, and freedom of motion (and easy to spray and disinfect!)

Removed the Following Toys to follow Daycare Guidelines

  • Removed all plush/stuffed animals (frog & bunny plush rockers in the baby room, puppets, pillows, bean bags)

  • Removed dolls & dress-up clothing

  • Removed small piece LEGO duplos and magnatiles

  • Reduced small toys by 50% so there is always a clean batch to swap out

Retail Store replaces Art Room (indefinitely but hopefully not forever!

  • The art room felt too risky to us given the amount of small, shared items and emphasis on shared sensory experiences 

  • MA guidelines for childcare advise removing sensory tables, play-doh and not to share items like paintbrushes. 

  • We are so EXCITED by all the fun new items we can procure for your family, especially our amazing selection of educational toys and sensory/STEAM/art for home, in addition to Room to Bloom designed activity kits

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