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I am a mother of three young children in the north shore area and am the proud owner of Room to Bloom - Beverly. I never anticipated being a small business owner, but when I saw that Room to Bloom was looking for a new ownership my family and I jumped at the opportunity. I sincerely believe in the importance of this space and its mission. As a mom to three beautiful children under the age of six, I understand wholeheartedly how difficult it is to find a safe and welcoming space for children in this age range (0-6yrs). A space where infants can crawl, toddlers can be their unique selves, and young children can burn energy in a safe and developmentally appropriate manner is rare to find. Our team's goal is to provide a clean, welcoming, and stimulating space for our youngest community members to grow. play, develop, and celebrate milestones. 

About Us

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a welcoming, safe, comfortable space for families to celebrate, and play while nurturing and fostering the developmental goals of our youngest community members in an enjoyable, and fun manner.

With Thanks:

Much gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work and dedication by the previous owner of Room to Bloom Beverly. Without Kristin, none of this would be possible. We are incredibly grateful for her guidance throughout this transition, and look forward to continuing on her mission in providing an area where children have 'Room to Bloom'. 

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