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Our vapor rub is effective at clearing up congestion and stuffy noses without any harmful chemicals. It is moisturizing while the essentials oils are doing their job.Made in the United States of America.


Ingredients: Beeswax, jojoba oil, Shea butter, essential oils + vitamin E.


About Cape Cod Home Remedies

Sabrina Ewing, a lifelong Cape resident, and Heather Swett, a South Shore transplant, grew Cape Cod Home Remedies from a shared commitment of keeping their families healthy without adding in any junk. After reading through countless product and ingredient labels, Sabrina and Heather individually realized how difficult it had become to avoid the array of toxic chemicals that exist within everyday items- so they turned to making products on their own. In conversation they became aware of their like-mindedness, including a passion for sharing their homemade products with family and friends- from there, Cape Cod Home Remedies was born. Together Sabrina and Heather are conscious of what is in their products because they use them within their own families and now they offer the same products to you. Cape Cod Home Remedies, striving to continually bring you natural and safe home remedies.

Cape Cod Home Remedies: Children's Vapor Rub

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