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A SNUGGLY PLUSH ANIMAL FRIEND WITH A PURPOSE: This super cute hugging pillow has a special “Dream Pocket” where kids can write down or draw silly, adventurous, or sweet dreams to tuck inside.


HELPS CREATE POSITIVE IMAGERY FOR BETTER SLEEP: Uses a proven technique that helps kids create positive mental images before bed. Teaches children about the power of their thoughts and the importance of good sleep. MAKE BEDTIME FUN: Kids love to use their imagination and craft stories to dream up. This new bedtime ritual will create memories for years to come.


PERFECT FOR TRAVEL AND SLEEPOVERS: Comes in a handled gift box that doubles as a sleepover suitcase. Dreamimals are made of 100% cotton and can be easily machine-washed and dried.


Set Includes:

- Dreamimal™ Lamby

- 60 Dream Wish Notes

- Lamby Storybook


Dimensions: 10.8" l x 7.5" w x 3" h


About The Dream Pillow

"Dream Good Dreams" Dreamt up by 7 year old, Harper Miller to help her brother with nightmares. Harper "dreamt" up an idea that would help kids visualize what they want to dream before they go to bed. The Dream Pillow allows kids to write down the good dreams they hope to dream, place them in the pillow and drift off to sleep with a fun, silly or adventurous dream in mind. The Dream Pillow teaches positive thinking, builds confidence, for a fun bedtime ritual. Bye-Bye Bad Dreams!

The Dream Pillow - Lamby

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