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"In this volume, The Busy Parent's Guide to Managing Technology with Children and Teens: The Parental Intelligence Way, Dr. Hollman takes on a current and rapidly growing source of difficulty in our modern world: technology. This includes the use of cell phones, tablets, computers, video games, etc. Our young people's lives have been affected in a variety of ways. Inevitably, difficulties arise. Using the Parental Intelligence method, which she again outlines here, Dr. Hollman shows us how to identify the underlying problems. Then, armed with this knowledge, parents learn how to help young people manage the complicated role of screens in their daily life. I found the section on cyberbullying particularly useful. We are now dealing with a new kind of bullying, which has expanded exponentially with the use of social media. Using this technique, which fosters adult-child dialogue and mutual understanding, is an important way to address and resolve the problems that arise in this ever-expanding world of technology. I highly recommend this book."
—Barbara G. Deutsch, MD, certified in psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Adult and Child Psychiatry; certified in psychoanalysis, American Psychoanalytic Association, Adult and Child Psychiatry

"Dr. Hollman tackles one of the most difficult aspects of parenting in The Busy Parent's Guide to Technology. By utilizing Parental Intelligence (Unlocking Parental Intelligence: Finding Meaning in your Child's Behavior) along with insightful information and case studies focused on rapidly changing cultural norms influenced by technological advancements, Dr. Hollman provides practical, thoughtful, and grounded guidance in navigating the often daunting and ever-changing landscape that has become one of the greatest challenges we face in raising our children and adolescents into compassionate and independent critical thinkers. A must-read for all parents and family members, professionals, or laypersons interacting with our most precious asset; the next generation!"
—Lynn Seskin, PsyD, clinical psychologist; Behavioral Medicine Associates of New York; Behavioral Medicine of Pennsylvania

"In her splendid book, Unlocking Parental Intelligence, Dr. Hollman showed parents how to find the meaning in their child's or teen's behavior by reflecting on the child's thoughts and feelings, which may well be different from their own thoughts and feelings about the situation. Finding the meaning underlying the behavior helps parents respond sensitively and supportively. Dr. Hollman's new book gives us an excellent overview of the impact of technology in children's and teens' lives today. She then gives a concise account of Parental Intelligence methods and shows, with the aid of helpful real-life examples, how to use these methods to solve problems caused by technology. An excellent resource!"
—Janet Wilde Astington, PhD, professor emeritus, Institute of Child Study, Department of Human Development and Applied Psychology, University of Toronto; editor, Minds in the Making

"Technology now plays complex roles in child development and in how parents interact with their children. In Dr. Hollman's book, she provides an insightful process through which parents can respond to and deal with this challenge in their children's development".
—Jeremy Carpendale, PhD, professor of developmental psychology, Department of Psychology, Simon Fraser University

The Busy Parents Guide to Managing Technology

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