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This listing is for binder only (without sensory tray, notebook, flashcards, counting multipliers - see other listing for full preschool at home binder & sensory tray package)


Are you recreating preschool at home this year? Let Room to Bloom get you organized for early learning and "circle time" 


Laminated, personalized sheets of:

  1. Morning/Evening Routine (can be customized to match your day)
  2. Calendar (Yesterday was x, Today is x, Tomorrow will be x, The Month Is x, The Season Is x, and velcro spots to add each day of the month to track to today's date) 
  3. Weather (Today's Weather Is X, Today's Temperature is Y) 
  4. Counting Worksheet (space to count to 35 using the same numbers that are used on the calendar)
  5. Uppercase/Lowercase Matching
  6. Lowercase/Animal Matching
  7. Shapes
  8. Colors
  9. Birthday/Age 
  10. In Case of Emergency (Learn Mom & Dad's first name and phone number)
  11. Address
  12. 50 States
  13. 7 Continents
  14. 8 Planets
  15. Practice Writing First & Last Name (using dry erase marker) 
  16. Practice Writing Numbers 1-10
  17. Practice Writing A-Z


All sheets will have your child's first and last name at the top for learning name recognition. 

Preschool At Home - Binder only