Comes in 28 Qt / 27 L tub for easy storage (23" L x 16 1/4" W x 6" H)

(LARGE "under bed" sized container)



  • Cut pool noodles


Ideas to expand the learning

    Practice counting

    • Practice stacking (and knocking down!)
    • Fill bin with water and learn what floats / sinks
    • Dip the cut pool noodle in water and use as a stamper on the driveway
    • Dip the  cut pool noodle in paint and use as a stamper on paper (practice color mixing - what happens when red and yellow paint overlaps?)
    • Throw all the cut pool noodles into the kiddie pool with your little one!
    • Have a bug net around? Use it to go fishing for the cut pool noodles to and practice hand/eye scooping coordination
    • Line the cut pool noodles along your driveway and use like a balance beam (try a single path and a double path where each foot gets its own trail to follow)
    • Grab a jump rope and practice stringing the pool noodles (fine motor skill threading practice!)
    • Grab a bottle of bubbles, fill up a frisbee with bubbles and dip the pool noodles like a wand to blow bubbles
    • Make a foam tower with Mr Bubble foam soap and use it to stick the noodles together 
    • Write your child's name in chalk on the driveway and let them use the cut pool noodles to "write" their name


    Source for ideas:

    Pool Noodle Sensory Bin

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