A hero of the Galaxy - This tough guy is built to handle any chaotic and over-encroaching situation with ease! A true astronomical sidekick.


Larch gets his power from inside his heart. His power is our galaxy. He fights crime and protects our earth from the outside. A true hero always puts others before themselves.


Built strong with superhero-worthy materials and packaged in an equally tough laser engraved wooden boxes, complete with chalkboard painted interiors, the Play Hard Hero Action Figures are a brilliant alternative to the tradition of plastic.


  • Articulated action figures made entirely of strong, heavy-duty wood
  • Encourages imaginative play, storytelling, communication skills, appreciation for the environment
  • A brilliant alternative to the tradition of plastic action figures
  • Action figures each fully articulated - Parts connected by elastic string and metal hinges
  • Packaged in sturdy wooden boxes with chalkboard-paint interior
  • The pack comes with only one Play hard Hero Action Figure
  • High quality, hardwood materials for lasting durability, strength, and safety
  • Care Instructions: Clean with a damp cloth.


About The Lazy Dog & Co.

We are a playful importer and distributor of unique toys from around the world. Through construction sets, model kits, and building toys, we hope to inspire kids and adults to explore, imagine, create, and learn through fun. We currently carry five brands: Light Stax, Clockwork Dreams, TICO, Pixie Crew and Once-Kids.

Playhard Heroes Robot (Larch green)


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