Comes in 28 Qt / 27 L tub for easy storage (23" L x 16 1/4" W x 6" H)

(LARGE "under bed" sized container)



  • Blue and Green shredded craft paper
  • Pirate Coins
  • Dinosaur figures
  • 2 sets of 0-9 red wood numbers
  • Craft sticks for "stirring"
  • Toddler scissors 


Ideas to expand the learning

  • Hide the coims and numbers. How many can you find? Practice counting
  • Which do you have more of? Coins or Numbers. Practice guessing which pile has more and which pile has less. 
  • Can you practice your mom or dad's phone number? Use the wooden numbers to learn the last 4 numbers of their phone number. 
  • What is your birthday? Can you find the numbers
  • Have an empty wipes container or an empty (dry) water bottle? Practice stuffing the shredded paper through the top and dumping it back into the bin. 
  • With close supervision, use the provided toddler scissors to let your little one practice their cutting skills with plain paper and add to the shredded paper base. 
  • Do you have any dump trucks at home? Use it to practice scooping and dumping the shredded paper
  • When they're done playing, see how they do with a broom and dust pan scooping and throwing away their shredded paper that made it out of the bin. 



Pirate Coins Sensory Bin

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