HABA's pocket game series offers something for everyone! Measuring in at less than 5" x 5", these mini game boxes are perfect for on the go!


On the Hunt for Dinos - A Prehistoric Dinosaur Matching Game for Ages 5 and Up

Game Idea: Dinos have been spotted in the jungle! You make hasty tracks after them to experience this excitement with your own eyes. But it‘s not very easy to catch sight of these massive ancient creatures. Whoever manages to uncover the sought after dinos and reach the end of the dinosaur footprint path first, wins the game.


Game Preparation: Every player receives a dinosaur. Return any extra dinos to the game box. Place the track cards in a row to form a game path for all of the dinosaurs. Place your dinos at the first footprint on the first card. Shuffle the five dino cards and place each in a row face down in the middle of the table. Also shuffle the search cards and stack the 26 cards face down in a pile. The blank card is not used in this game. It is needed only for the next variation of the game.


Game Contents: 4 dinos in 4 colors, 26 search cards, 5 dino cards, 1 blank card, 4 dinosaur track cards, 1 game guideHow to Play


What is on the search card?

  • The trade symbol (= two arrows) Without looking at the dino cards choose two and switch their position on the dino card line. Then turn over another search card.
  • Two or three dinos Turn over as many dino cards in a row as are pictured on the search card.
  • If the dino cards you turned over picture the exact same dinos as on the search card, you can move your dino forward on the game path one footprint.
  • If one or more of the dinos are different from those on the search card, you are out of luck and your dino remains where it is.
  • After all the players have seen the flipped over dino cards, turn each over again and place the search card in the discard pile. It is then the next player‘s flip to turn over a new search card. When you run out of search cards, shuffle the discard pile again.


End of the Game: The game is over as soon as a player reaches the end of the game path, thus winning the game. 


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HABA USA is the exclusive importer of HABA toys & games designed by our parent company in Germany. For more than 80 years HABA has been satisfying the wishes of parents and grandparents for long lasting toys made of carefully selected materials, with special design that provides excellent entertainment and educational values.

HABA Toys: Pocket Mini Game (On the Hunt For Dinos)



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