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A fun and engaging way to teach 101 top sight words to kids ages 4 to 6

Give kids the building blocks necessary for reading success with My Sight Words Workbook. The activities inside make it fun and accessible for kindergarten and first-grade students to learn the most common sight words and increase both their reading speed and comprehension.

Sight words are common words like “of,” “the,” and “you” that don’t fit standard rules of phonics and can only be learned through memorization. The exercises in this workbook will have kids say, trace, and write each word, then use it in a sentence to help commit it to memory. Bonus puzzles and games will reinforce what they’ve learned in a playful way that will hold their attention and keep them engaged.

My Sight Words Workbook is:

  • Colorful and illustrated―Pictures, examples, and a little monkey helper make this book friendly and encouraging.
  • Ready to read―This book is ready to use exactly as it is, and the pages can be easily reproduced for a whole classroom.
  • Motivational―Kids can color in a star for every word they master and see their progress in real time.

Teach new readers to identify common words on sight and boost their reading fluency with My Sight Words Workbook.


Pages: 136

Reading Age: 4-6 years old

Dimensions: 8.4 x 0.5 x 10.9 inches

My Sight Words Workbook: 101 High-Frequency Words Plus Games & Activities!

$14.00 Regular Price
$12.60Sale Price
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