• Combines the popularity of dinosaurs with the necessity of potty training for a fun filled book children are sure to love!
  • We all know having a dinosaur is hard work, and cleaning up dino poo in the backyard is FAR from fun!


So how do you potty train a dinosaur?

  • In this hilarious and delightful role reversal, kids will learn how to potty train a dinosaur (and maybe pick up a few pointers themselves!).
  • How to Potty Train a Dinosaur goes through each important step of teaching a dinosaur to go to the bathroom—from teaching them how to know it’s time to go to making sure they flush and wash their claws.
  • Your little dinosaur will be so excited to put it to the test!
  • Be patient . . . They’ll get the hang of it!


Age Range: 2-5 years

Board Book: 16 pages

Dimensions: 7" l x 7" w x 1" h

How to Potty Train a Dinossaur



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