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- Adorable Child's Backpack is Designed with a Built-in Doll Carrier

- Perfect for Overnight Stays

- Spacious Compartment to Store Clothes and Accessories for Dolls
- Keep all Doll Stuff Organized and Neat

- Adjustable Shoulder Straps for Easy Travel

- Doll Carrier has a Card Holder for Name Personalization


About The New York Doll Collection

Dolls are a best friend. They share your secrets and spark your imagination. They inspire hours of play and create cherished childhood memories. That's why we are dedicated to bring you the biggest selection of Dolls and Accessories, to create memories that will last a lifetime.


As an independent Doll Company, creating Dolls and Doll products is our only business, We are proud of our growing reputation as an expert in our industry. Our products are noted for outstanding quality, modern design and affordability. We have been in the doll industry for over a decade and we are proud to sell our products nationally and internationally. All our products are designed in the USA.

Doll Carrier Backpack (doll not included)

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