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As a caregiver, it can be challenging to teach children how to deal with strong or overwhelming emotions. These cards can help.!


Help children manage angry feelings in 4 simple steps: 


o 1. Calm Your Body

o 2. Calm Your Mind

o 3. Shift Your Focus 

o 4. Take a Mini-Break


• Features proven techniques used by childcare specialists and therapists to help children manage their feelings and increase their emotional intelligence.

• Presented in an easy to follow format that children of all ages can grasp.

• Each card has an instruction for the child to follow paired with an illustrated example.

• All prompts can be done independently to allow children to take ownership and control of their own emotions.

• Teaches universal calming methods that can be beneficial throughout both childhood and adulthood. 

• Ages 4-104

• 100% Screen-Free Fun


About Open The Joy

Open the Joy crafts unique activity kits to bring hope, joy, love, laughter and learning to kids! Children will eagerly open their kits to find a wide variety of activities to do- whether it be a magic trick, fidget toy or S.T.E.A.M. activity, Open the Joy’s award winning activity kits are sure to bring kids fun and entertainment while also providing therapeutic benefits. Oh! And through the sale of kits, Open the Joy helps support the "Spread the Joy Foundation (, a registered 501(c)3, in their joint mission of delivering Joy Boxes to hospitalized children across North America. After all, that’s why Open the Joy is called “The Feel Better Company!”

Anger Management Toolkit Cards

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