but first... coffee

Parenthood is an experiment in how long your body can function

without adequate sleep or nourishment and fueled only on adrenaline, caffeine, and baby smiles



We are a peanut and tree-nut free facility.

To protect those with allergies, please don't bring in any outside food containing nuts. 

Coffee additions include: whole milk, half & half, soy milk, and oat milk 

as well as Torani syrups (Caramel, Vanilla, liquid Cane Sugar) 

Cold Brew Iced Coffee & Nitro Iced Coffee

$3 medium, $4 large
Nitro add $1

Serving local Atomic Coffee Roasters on tap from our own kegerator. 

Atomic's cold brew and nitro cold brew are brewed the exact same way, steeping the ground beans in cold water for 24 hours and then applying a four step filtration process.

To make the Nitro iced coffee, food grade nitrogen is infused into the cold brew at a higher PSI, which helps give it that frothy, cascading appearance. Nitro is smooth and rich, delivering a foamy head just like a Guinness. 

Hot Coffee


$2 medium, $3 large


$2 medium, $3 large

choice of hot or iced

Chai Tea Latte

$2 medium, $3 large

choice of hot or iced

Hot Chocolate

$2 medium, $3 large

choice of:
Selzer (12 oz)
Diet Coke (12 oz)
Juice Box
Cup of whole milk
Annie's Bunnies
Applesauce Pouch
Paw Patrol Graham Crackers
Pirate's Booty

image0 (1).jpeg

serving Starbucks hot cocoa

Bottled Water

$1 - 16 oz 

$0.50 - 8 oz