Any kit can be purchased and donated to a family in need. Please comment that you would like to "DONATE" and Room to Bloom will ensure it goes to a home that would otherwise not be able to afford an activity kit. 

Delivery (Front Porch Drop-off)

We deliver on TUESDAYS and SATURDAYS.

$25 minimum order size for delivery

No minimum order for "porch" pickup at Room to Bloom

We use the shipping address as the drop off location - if buying for someone else please make sure the first address you enter during checkout is the drop off location - you will later be prompted for your billing address when you complete the payment information. We are happy to include a handwritten note if this is a gift! 

$10 flat rate delivery charge per order

We have delivered as far as Gloucester, Newburyport, Wilmington, Melrose

FREE "porch" pickup at Room to Bloom 

FREE delivery to Beverly

Use the below promo code to discount your order by $10 to cover the delivery charge

  • Promo code BEVERLY

$5 delivery to Salem, Danvers, Peabody, Hamilton-Wenham 

Use the below promo code to discount your order by $5 to cover half the delivery charge

  • Promo code SALEM or PEABODY or DANVERS or HW depending on where you live


$25 / each

$30 / sensory & book bag from Let Them Eat Cake & Play - now includes colored rice or play-doh

$4 / medium

$5 / large

  • On tap from Atomic Cafe

  • Choice of iced coffee OR black mango iced tea

  • Delivered black with no ice - easy to pop into the fridge for when you're ready for it


$10 / calming bottle (glitter, water beads, look & find, or alphabet)

$10 / rainbow rice or rainbow shredded coconut (sensory bin filler)

$10 / Playdoh (choose any 2 colors)

$10 / Paint Your Own

  • Choice of beach rock, clam shell, 8x10 canvas

  • Includes paintbrush + 4 colors of paint (white, red, blue, yellow) + empty containers with color chart to mix orange, green, purple


$12 / Pirate mini kit from Let Them Eat Cake & Play

$12 / extra daubers

$10 / monster slime with dinosaur figures 

$5 / laminated princess puppets sticks

$5 / laminated dinosaur puppet sticks

$5 / extra toddler magnetic wand

$5 / extra textured rolling pin for play doh